About Hivewire

About Hivewire

Music cultures and everything it embraces

Hivewire is an independent music industry publication launched in June 2023 by Srishti Das. This dynamic newsletter offers a unique perspective on the music industry, focusing on emerging markets and the burgeoning music cultures gradually making their mark globally.

Srishti Das, Image by: Ishani Das

The primary goal of Hivewire is to serve as a platform that celebrates the convergence of music scenes and cultures from emerging markets. It is dedicated to exploring and sharing stories that shape the future of music, built upon four fundamental pillars:

  1. Culture: Hivewire delves into the rich tapestry of music cultures, showcasing their diversity and vibrancy while shedding light on their global influence.
  2. Collaboration: The newsletter emphasizes the power of collaboration within the music industry, fostering connections between artists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, ultimately driving innovation and growth.
  3. Community: Hivewire recognizes the significance of solid communities in nurturing and sustaining music cultures. It highlights communities' pivotal role in shaping artistic expression and fostering a sense of belonging.
  4. Creation: Hivewire acknowledges that at the heart of music lies creation. It champions exploring and discovering new sounds, genres, and artistic endeavours, giving rise to innovative and boundary-pushing music.
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What to expect?

Hivewire offers a comprehensive range of content, including in-depth analysis of industry trends, reports, opinion essays, interviews, and spotlights on emerging cultures and scenes. By facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaborations, the newsletter aims to bring fans and artists closer than ever before.

With an unwavering commitment to authenticity and diversity, Hivewire empowers emerging music economies, enabling new music cultures to find their place within the global music industry.

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Meet the team

Mayuyuka Kaunda

Mayuyuka Kaunda, Editor and curator

Mayuyuka Kaunda is a journalist, playlist curator, writer and cultural commentator who has contributed to multiple platforms, including the BBC, WeSoko, Texx And The City, Red Bull Music, Music In Africa, The Plug Magazine, OkayAfrica and DJBooth.

Akriti Guha

Akriti Guha, Social Media & Communication Manager

As a passionate music journalist and skilled DJ, they have spent years exploring the vibrant intersection of dance music, queer culture, and nightlife. Through their work, they aim to both educate and entertain, shedding light on the various sounds and talents that define this diverse music industry.

Yatin Srivastava

Yatin Srivastava, Contribuiting Editor

Working in the music industry for over a decade, they wear many hats, sometimes one at a time and sometimes all at once. From Music to Production, to Fashion, Consultancy and Tastemaking, they try to showcase their love for their crafts through whatever medium they choose to represent themselves in, ultimately in an attempt to take the community of art forward.


Michelle Yuen

(Read her contribuition here)

Michelle studied psychology, mental health, and entertainment business at NYU before transitioning into the music industry. Previously running business development at music analytics company Chartmetric, she is now Partnerships Manager at Gig Life Pro, where she connects the APAC markets and the global stage. She is passionate about advancing music cross-culturally on an international scale with a focus on emerging markets and is keen on empowering the next generation in music. With her background in insights and analytics, Michelle also continues to leverage her combined knowledge to consult on digital and international strategy in the music business. Currently based in Amsterdam, she lived in New York, Singapore, and Shanghai.